Yellow Bell Farm whole roasting chickens, boneless breasts, quarters, wings, liver, necks and feet for soup are available at your local farmers market. We hand raise and prepare our chickens humanely in our own NY State inspected facility right here on the farm and sell direct at markets each week. Our customers tell us “they can taste the difference!”


chicekn liver pate

Our latest addition to our quality freshly made products…Yellow Bell Farm Bourbon Chicken Liver Pate’ made with fresh chicken liver, bourbon and sweet butter. Our loyal customers say…”it’s amazing”! 

c7968003-60dc-4019-9ffb-412d21abc6d5NEW! Yellow Bell Farm Chicken Bone Broth. A new delicious addition to our products is now available at all our farmers markets. Steeped up to 10 hours, we use our fresh chicken bones and chicken feet for an amazing and delicious, nutritious YBF chicken bone broth.  Add your own salt, seasonings, fresh ginger, cayenne pepper…what ever suits your taste. It’s a great base for soups, stews and sauces. Steam all your fresh veggies in it for a more nutritious, tasty meal.


Farm fresh Yellow Bell Eggs! Bright plump orange yolks with firm whites,  super fresh – perfect for poaching! Our eggs are laid by our happy, healthy, free running Rhode Island Red chickens.

pickeled eggsYellow Bell Farm Pickled Eggs are made with a brine of real apple cider vinegar and local honey.  Delicious as a simple low carb, low calorie, high protein snack straight from the jar! Enjoy them sliced on salads and sandwiches (think ultimate BLT), and for tangy deviled eggs, YUM!

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